Terms & Conditions

The Danube Online shopping app / website aims to give you a superb home shopping service. We have set out below the Terms & Conditions under which you are allowed to use the app / website; what you can expect from us and see the Terms on which you place your order.

1. Definition of Terms

"You" and "your" means the person ordering goods from Danube Online app / website, who must be over 18 years of age.

"Danube" or "we" or "us" or "our" means Danube Online whose registered office is Al Tahliya Street, Jameel Square, Office 906, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, PO Box 23612.

"Home" means the main page of the app / website, showing the banners, app / website departments & brands we represent.

"Departments" means the category and sub-categories we have in our grocery stores.

"Account" means your details and shopping history which is created when you register to shop through our Danube app / website.

2. Terms of Use

This section explains how you are allowed to access and use the app / website.

2.1 Use of and access to the app / website

2.1.1 From time to time it will be necessary for us to carry out maintenance on the app / website which may result in occasional periods of downtime.

2.1.2 We cannot promise that the app / website will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the app / website will be corrected.

2.1.3 You can use the app / website to browse and buy goods and services from us and to manage your account with us but not for any other purpose.

2.1.4 You must not share your Danube Online app / website email / username and password with anyone.

2.2 Content of the app / website

2.2.1 We may update the app / website from time to time, and may change the content at any time. However, please note that any of the content on the app / website may be out of date at any given time, and we are under no obligation to update it. Although we try to update the information on the app / website, we make no representations, warranties or guarantees, that the content on the app / website is accurate, complete or up-to-date.

2.2.2 We do not guarantee that the app / website, or any content on it, will be free from errors or omissions.

2.2.3 All rights, including without limitation any intellectual property rights, in any data on the app / website, or any part of the app / website, provided by us or you, or any third party, such as for example your shopping list or favourite items (the data) will automatically be owned by Danube Online app / website. You agree that you are not allowed to use the data, or permit any third party to use it, without our express permission. If the law prevents us from automatically owning any rights in the data, you now assign such rights to us.

2.2.4 You are responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programs and platform in order to access the app / website. You should use your own virus protection software.

2.3 Changes to these Terms

If we make any changes to these Terms of use we will let you know as soon as possible by posting the changes on our app / website.

3. Terms of Sale

These terms of sale will apply if you place orders on our app / website.

3.1 Becoming a Customer

3.1.1 To place an order on our app / website you must be over 18 years of age, require delivery in our delivery area or a collection in our collection catchment area and either have a credit or debit card acceptable to us in your name, or agree by the act of placing an order to pay cash on delivery.

3.1.2 When you register you will create a username and password which you must use whenever you shop with us. You must treat your username and password as confidential and must not disclose it to any third party. Please keep this information in a safe place because you will be responsible for all activities and orders made under your password and username. If you think that someone else may either know or be using your username and password, please contact us immediately through one of our channels.

3.1.3 We reserve the right to suspend accounts for any fraudulent activity or misuse of service.

3.2 Our Contract

3.2.1 Our app / website invites you to buy goods from us. Once you have placed an order on the app / website we will send you an order acknowledgement by email setting out what you have ordered and the price of your order. This is not an order confirmation or acceptance from us.

3.2.2 These terms regulate the supply of goods to you by Danube Online. Any other terms, conditions or representations (other than those made fraudulently or implied by statute) are excluded.

3.3 Price

3.3.1 The price of the chosen item(s) you order will be the price on the app / website at the time you place your order or amend your order. In terms of any price difference we will advise.

3.3.2 Errors may occur in the process of providing product and pricing information by Danube Online app / website. We cannot confirm the price of a product except after ordering. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information, we shall have the right, at our sole discretion, to either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

3.3.3 In the event that Danube Online app / website accepts your order, the same shall be debited to your credit card account and duly notified to you by email or becomes liable for cash payment upon delivery. The credit card payment may be processed prior to our dispatch of the product that you have ordered. If we have to cancel the order after we have processed the payment, the said amount will be reversed back to your credit/debit card account, or a store credit may be offered.

3.3.4 Sometimes a price online does not match the price in a store. In our effort to maintain the fact of being the lowest price provider in Saudi Arabia, store pricing will sometimes differ from online prices. Orders placed through the app / website will be subject to the online prices. Prices and availability are subject to change without any prior notice. Further, description/performance of products are based on the catalogue and technical literature printed by the manufacturers/agent. Therefore, the write-up provided against each product is not that of ours and are subject to change without prior notice.

3.3.5 We give you the choice of ordering certain items such as fruit and vegetables either by weight or by quantity. As it is difficult to select loose items such as these to an exact weight, if you order these items by weight we'll charge you for the actual weight picked - and we always try and get as near as possible to the weight you ordered. Loose items are priced by weight in store, meaning that if you order by quantity and the items picked in store have a higher than average weight, you may be charged more than the guide price given online at time of order. If the items in store have a lower than average weight, you may be charged less than the guide price given online at time of order.

3.3.6 In addition to the price, a delivery or a collection charge as shown at checkout may also be payable by you.

3.3.7 All fruit & vegetable prices might change due to varying weights.

3.4 Order Acceptance

We reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. Limitations on quantities available for purchase inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or problems identified by our credit and fraud are some situations that may result in the order being cancelled, additional verifications or information may be requested before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your credit/debit card has been charged, the said amount will be reversed back in your credit/debit card account or a store credit may be offered. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are present at time of delivery.

3.4.1 Danube Online does not provide this service to the commercial sector.

3.4.2 Danube Online has the right to cancel any order without notice.

3.4.3 In the case of finding no one to receive the delivery at the specified location, customer must be aware that the delivery driver will only wait for a maximum period of 10 minutes before leaving.

3.4.4 Driver will contact the customer via mobile number only.

3.5 Changing Your Mind

3.5.1 You can cancel or amend your order at any time prior to delivery or collection. Due to how our systems work, if you want to add goods you can re-order by contacting the customer service through universal number 920004115 or sending an email to [email protected].

3.5.2 You can change your order anytime up to delivery or collection, by contacting the customer service through universal number 920004115 or sending an email to [email protected].

3.5.3 Orders that are cancelled after they have been delivered or part-cancelled during delivery are subject to a SAR 30 cancellation fee to be deducted from your refund for delivery and processing. We have the full right to demonstrate whether an order has been delivered or not. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by us and accept our decision regarding the cancellation.

3.5.4 If you have ordered items which are out of stock you may choose between replacing with the closest or cancel the item.

3.6 Exchange & Return policy:

For any items requiring exchange please contact Danube Online Customer Services within 48hrs of receipt of your order.

  • Cash or credit card refunds will be processed by Danube within 48 hours, the time funds appear in your account will depend on your bank.
  • For orders placed by credit card, any refund will be applied to the card used at point of ordering.
  • Any request for refund or exchange of products will be verified by Danube Online Customer Services.
  • All perishable items will not be entertained for exchange (frozen and fresh) such as fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, fresh cheese, frozen foods, bakery products and fresh fish.
  • Undergarments are not allowed for exchange or return.
  • Unconsumed grocery items will be accepted only for exchange within 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Electronic devices and household appliances:
    • Items are accepted for exchanges within 48 hours from the time purchased.
    • Items under warranty will be entertained by the concerned agent or supplier of that brand directly.
    • In case of exchanging devices like mobile phone, computers and accessories – it must be intact with its original packing – no exchange is possible if the original packing was opened.
    • In case of exchanging electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones – it is possible if the devices were not plugged into electricity for charging etc.
  • Household utensil items can be replaced if they have never been used.
  • Shavers & shaving equipment will not be replaced or returned

3.7 Orders which fail to meet our usual high standards

In the event that your order is visibly damaged or in any way does not meet our usual high standards, you may refuse to accept the order and you can raise a complaint about the order to [email protected]. For individual items found to be damaged when unpacking, please notify customer services within 24hrs for a refund/store credit. Refunds will only be given where the product is returned or photo verification of product condition is provided.

3.8 Stock shortages on popular goods

3.8.1 We do our best to ensure that we have amazing availability but we do occasionally run out of some products. If this does occur, we will give you the option to have a substitute of a similar product or cancel the item altogether or/and substitute of different size product of same brand.

3.8.2 We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to limit the quantity of items purchased per person, per household or per order. The said limitations may be applicable to orders placed by the same account, the same credit card, and also to orders that use the same billing and/or delivery address. We will provide notification to the customer should such limits be applied. We also reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit sales to dealers or resellers. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, reselling shall be defined as purchasing or intending to purchase any product(s) from Danube Online for the purpose of engaging in a commercial sale of that same product(s) with a third party.

3.9 Use of Credit Cards

If you find your credit card has been used without your authority please tell us within 24 hours of finding out. You must also tell your card issuer within the time limits you agree in your card scheme rules.

3.10 Expiry Dates

The employees who put together your order are carefully trained to select goods with a reasonable amount of time left on the expiry date (just as you would if you were in store shopping yourself). However, please note that some fresh produce items naturally only have limited shelf life when they arrive in the store, therefore it is reasonable for them to have a shelf life of less than two days when they are delivered or collected. In case of any items are expired we will provide a refund.

3.11 Redemption of Danube Online coupon (where applicable)

In the event that a customer is allowed to redeem a Danube Online coupon through the app / website, that coupon will be redeemed for full amount only, and no partial redemption is allowed.

3.12 Use of Promotion Codes

  • Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per user account/per household/ per promotion.
  • Danube Online Promo Codes can only be redeemed online and must be submitted at point of order entry.
  • You must be 18 years or older to redeem a promo code.
  • Promo codes may require a minimum order value per purchase, as well as other limitations or exceptions – details will be provided with the promotion.
  • Even if a code is accepted at check out, all orders are reviewed by the Danube Online Customer Support team prior to fulfillment. If orders are deemed in violation of any of these Terms and Conditions, they will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Promo codes are strictly free promotional voucher codes with no monetary value. They have an expiration date which is displayed under the promo code’s value online.

3.13 Payments

  • The website/APP provide the possibility to purchase product(s) online and to settle payment online, delivery method available in Saudi Arabia. Payment transactions including authorizations and settlements will be in Saudi Riyals.
  • We accept the following modes of payment:
    • For online payment transactions:bank credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), mada cards only for those cards issued by Banks of Saudi Arabia through internet payment gateway service provider.
  • For online payment transactions, customer will receive on order acknowledgment once the payment has been authorized. We cannot accept any liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit card / mada card supplier for any reason. You should check your bank credit card / mada card supplier for that.
  • We do not store your credit card / mada card details on the website. All payment details which are entered through the website payment gateway are encrypted when you enter them. Communications to and from the service provider’s site are encrypted.
  • We cannot provide any of your payment information obtained via the web to other companies or individuals unless required to by law. This information is processed by our payment merchant.
  • Credit card / mada card details provided by you for benefiting from the online service will be truthful, valid and accurate and you shall use the credit card which is lawfully owned by you. The said information will not be utilized and shared by the online service with any of the third parties unless required for fraud verifications or by law, regulation or court order. The online service will not be liable for any credit card fraud. The liability for use of a card fraudulently will be on you and the responsibility to prove otherwise shall be exclusively on you.
  • When an order is cancelled a refund will be given through credit/mada card
  • When the order amount is less than the charged amount, the remaining amount will be issued as a store credit in the APP
  • Partial refund is not allowed on mada cards.
  • Using the online payments facility of the website indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this facility.

3.14 ITunes Card

  • Each iTunes card includes a code redeemable for music, movies, TV shows, games, apps, and more on the iTunes Store, the iBooks Store, the App Store, and the Mac App Store. Recipients can access their content on an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, and watch or listen on a computer , Mac or PC.
  • The iTunes Cards in Danube App/website are U.S. card, user can redeem if they have U.S. App store ID.
  • iTunes Cards are not subjected to discounts.
  • Prices of the cards varies between $15, $25, $50 & $100.
  • In order to get the iTunes Card as a single product, user will only have Credit Card payment option.
  • if user want to choose Cash on Delivery payment method, other products need to be added it to the cart with the iTunes Card.
  • Once The card is Delivered, it won't be refunded.
  • The card will be delivered via E-mail as a digital copy once payment is completed.
  • iTunes Cards are not reloadable.
  • Valid only on iTunes Store for U.S. Requires iTunes account and prior acceptance of license and usage terms. To open an account you must be 13+ and in the U.S. Compatible software, hardware, and Internet access required. Not redeemable for cash, no refunds or exchanges (except as required by law). Code may not be used to purchase any other merchandise, allowances or iTunes gifting. Data collection and use subject to Apple Customer Privacy Policy, see www.apple.com/privacy, unless stated otherwise. Risk of loss and title for code passes to purchaser on transfer. Codes are issued and managed by Apple Value Services, LLC ("Issuer"). Neither Apple nor Issuer is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from lost or stolen codes or use without permission. Apple and its licensees, affiliates, and licensors make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to code or the iTunes Store and disclaim any warranty to the fullest extent available. These limitations may not apply to you. Void where prohibited. Not for resale. Subject to full terms and conditions, see www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html. Content and pricing subject to availability at the time of actual download. Content purchased from the iTunes Store is for personal lawful use only. Don't steal music. © 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

3.15 Referrer

  • You must be a registered user on Danube online.
  • You must ensure the unique ‘Referral code’ linked to your account is shared with your friends, as it is essential for their sign-up.
  • If you wish to invite your friends on Facebook, make sure you manually copy and paste the Referral Code on your Facebook Page.
  • You will only receive the credit if the first order is successfully placed and delivered to your friend who signed up using your referral code.
  • In order to be notified about the successful crediting to your account, please ensure the push notifications are enabled for Danube app in your phone settings.
  • E-wallet credit value is subject to change at any time.
  • You can view your credit balance by going to My Account->E-wallet.
  • Your credit in E-wallet will be valid for 1 month from the date of issue.
  • Valid for one user only based on the unique phone number.
  • Promotion is valid only on Danube App.
  • Offer cannot be used with any other promotions.
  • Store Credit is valid on multiple transactions.
  • Danube Online reserves the right to call off the program/promotion at any time.
  • Danube online reserves the right to remove the store credits at any point of time.
  • Credit can only be used on online purchases on Danube App.
  • Credit cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Danube online reserves the right to cancel the order in case if the products are out of stock.
  • Danube Online does not provide this service to the commercial sector.
  • Danube Online has the right to cancel any order without notice.
  • You can invite a maximum number of 25 friends. You will not be eligible to E-Wallet credit if this limit is exceeded.

3.16 Referee

  • You must register on Danube App using the ‘Referral code’ to claim the credit in your E-wallet.
  • Valid for one user only based on the unique phone number.
  • Promotion is valid only on Danube App.
  • Offer cannot be used with any other promotion.
  • Your credit in E-wallet will be valid for only 7 days after receiving it and is valid only for your first order on
  • Danube Online.
  • Valid on one transaction only
  • E-wallet credit value is subject to change at any time.
  • Danube Online reserves the right to call off the program/promotion at any time.
  • Danube online reserves the right to remove the store credits at any point of time
  • Credit can only be used on online purchases on Danube App
  • Credit cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Danube Online reserves the right to cancel the order in case if the products are out of stock.
  • Danube Online does not provide this service to the commercial sector.
  • Danube Online has the right to cancel any order without notice.

3.17 Apple pay

  • Apple Pay is an e-payment service that is available for iOS devices only as it is provided by Apple
  • Apple Pay collects details of your payment cards by nature, making you able to use your phone as a direct payment tool
  • You can install and use the Apple Pay service on iPhone 6 or later
  • To start using the service, use the Apple Wallet app to save your payment card information and data
  • To use it on your iPhone, you need Face ID or Touch ID
  • Cards supported by Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia are VISA, Mastercard & mada
  • When an order is cancelled the amount will be refunded to source of payment
  • When the order amount is less than the charged amount, the remaining amount will be issued as a store credit in the APP

3.18 Toys

  • Delivery of toys will take place 1-3 days from order placed.
  • Toys will be delivered in separate delivery slots

3.19 Amendment of the Terms & Conditions

We may at any time modify the Terms & Conditions of the app / website without any prior notification to you. You can access the latest version of the Terms & Conditions at any given time on the app / website. In the event the modified Terms & Conditions are not acceptable to you, you should discontinue using the service of the app / website. However, if you continue to use the service you shall be deemed to have agreed to accept and abide by the modified Terms & Conditions of this app / website.

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