Chupa Chups Fresh Cola Assorted Flavour Lollipops 10pc

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1. FOREVER FUN: The perfect flavour of cola lollipops. 2. SHARING IS CARING: Ideal for any occasion: At every party, in the office, to fill candy cone or piñata or as a give-away. Chupa Chups is the global brand of lollipops children and adults both love 3. TROUBLE-FREE LOLLY FUN: Each Chupa Chups comes in individual wrapping. Its plastic stick won’t dissolve or fall apart in your mouth, letting you enjoy the full taste sensation until the end 4. EVERYBODY’S FAVOURITE: Get the pack of 10 delicious regular-sized Chupa Chups. Serves perfect for personal use, as family pack or to refill the existing stock. One can never have enough of them 5. LIFE LESS SERIOUS: Already since their innovation in 1958, the iconic lollipops brighten up everyday life with an enormous selection of all conceivable sizes, shapes, creations and flavours

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