Kotex Normal Maxi Pads with Wings 30pc

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Kotex Maxi Pads are your trusted companion for worry-free periods and ultimate peace of mind. Experience ultimate protection and confidence with Kotex Maxi Pads! Their exceptional features and innovative design offer unbeatable comfort, trusted protection, and worry-free periods day and night. Designed to provide maximum dryness, Kotex Maxi Protect Normal Pads are our No.1 Protection Product. They are specially crafted with a soft top cover that feels gentle against your skin. Plus, these sanitary napkins feature an absorbent center and protective barriers that effectively capture light to medium menstrual flow. This allows you to feel fresh and confident throughout the day with up to 0% leaks and 100% comfort*. The flexible back channels of these sanitary pads for women are designed to prevent leaks at the back. This allows you to move freely without any worries of potential mishaps. In addition, Kotex Maxi Pads come with wings for a secure fit, providing additional protection and peace of mind. Kotex pads are designed to ensure that periods never get in any woman's way. They are her trusted ally that give her the freshness and confidence she needs to take on her day with ease. For decades, Kotex has been present to cater to all feminine hygiene needs. From thick and thin pads to daily panty liners for everyday freshness, Kotex has continuously innovated. Its aim was always to broaden its product range to ensure maximum comfort, protection, and convenience for women around the world. *Based on 2022 consumer research conducted by an external agency in Saudi Arabia. 

Product Features & Benefits • PROTECTION AND COMFORT: Kotex Maxi sanitary pads for women are designed to provide unbeatable comfort, uncompromised protection for light to medium flow period days • ABSORBENT CENTER: These maxi sanitary napkins effectively capture and lock away even the heaviest flow for long-lasting freshness and confidence, day and night • SOFT TOP COVER: The soft top cover of these Kotex sanitary pads is gentle as cotton and ensures complete protection and comfort during periods • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: The protective barriers and back channels of the Kotex maxi pads allow women to stay active without any worries of leaks or discomfort • UPLIFTING FLORAL DESIGN: Featuring an uplifting floral design that adds a touch of beauty to the Kotex Maxi sanitary pads, making women feel confident and empowered • DISCOVER OUR OTHER PRODUCTS: Love the Kotex Maxi Protect Sanitary Pads for Women? Discover our full range of sanitary pads in all sizes, and daily panty liners designed to cater to feminine needs

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